These are two original characters from the Heartbreak Hotel universe (as opposed to the One Day universe, which is where all the human type original characters I draw are from), Damien (the black one) and Justin (the blue and orange one), a couple of demons.

They amuse me because Justin is the younger, physically smaller one, but he's the dominant one in the relationship, and I wanted to draw something illustrating that. So....DEMON SEX! :D I'll be posting a story about them in a few days, too...if anyone's interested. :> Um...yeah, so...not safe for work, the anatomy on my wings is so wrong (I'll get it right next time) and I don't think Damien's position translated well, but overall I'm rather pleased with it.

mmm demon sex )

Also, these are the ones that I got PD to draw a picture of for me a while back. :> Which, if you haven't seen it, is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and honestly a better translation of these guys than even I can draw. ^_^ Also likely NSFW.

Oh, and since I apparently never posted it here, I also did a picture of Lunabell (the fairy from before) and Etienne (another demon) in human form on a date. Here.

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