No, I just haven't posted in nearly two weeks, so I figured it was time. Still obsessed with Megamind. ^_^

Also, season finale of Psych was tonight. It was awesome, but I'm still annoyed over how the fandom doesn't seem to like any episode unless there's copious amounts of slash in it. *rolls eyes* I'd leave, but I had this awesome Shawn/Lassie dream the other night that makes me want to write a story in that fandom for the first time ever. As far as canon is going, though, I really love Shawn/Juliet now that they've finally hooked up. She slapped him down hard tonight. It was quite impressive. And I just very much enjoy their dynamic. Not just more than the last couple of seasons, when their courtship was tedious at the best of times, but more than any other point in the series. Honestly, the whole of season 5.5 has been really good and a breath of fresh air in what had become a stale and often ridiculous show. It also doesn't hurt that James wrote/directed half of season 5.5. I always love his work.

Continuing to love TGWTG. Spoony is fucking awesome. And I'm going to MAGFest! ^_^ It's a music, film and games festival going on next month in VA. A whole bunch of the TGWTG people are going to be there, including Spoony and Luke. This pleases me. Ooh, recently found a new guy who does reviews of horribly bad fanfiction. *wipes away tears of joy* It just makes me so happy.... I wonder if he's going to be there. I wish I had a full list of the TGWTG people who were going. It seems to be quite a bit. Kat, Karen and Adrian will be joining me in this endeavor. Much fun shall be had.

There are also curious things happening with my job right now, but it's too early to say if this is good news, bad news or...no news.

Currently, however, I'm just gearing up for the awards, though, and after the holidays I need to get back to writing my current WL story. Er...after the awards, rather. I've barely written it since November, but I'm just so busy. :P Between IO and making presents, I'm swamped. But in a good way. :)

But yay, Christmas soon. ^__^ I love giving people presents, and I got some interesting ones to give this year. Can't wait to see the kinds of reactions they get. Heh heh heh.... I'm normally not that excited about Christmas, but this year I really am. I get to exchange presents with Kat tomorrow, and I'm just really looking forward to enjoying the time with my family.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2010 06:15 pm)
Harry Potter—*shakes fist at Indy* Damn you for giving me all those good recs and completely distracting me. :P I have got to stop reading and finish my damn NaNo story!! But it has also given me the urge, once the new year starts, to finally finish the last Harry Potter story I was writing before I left the fandom in early 2005. It wasn't anything special—just another post-Hogwarts H/D story, which was always my favorite, but it would be nice to get it out there. It's been finished, actually, for 6 years. It's just not typed up. And what is typed has the most abysmal grammar you'll ever see. :P It was thoroughly rejected the one time I tried to submit it to an archive. But hopefully I'll finally just get it up and out of my system.

Oh, and dude. The movie, of course. I fucking LOVED it. It stayed so surprisingly faithful to canon, which, in retrospect, is probably why they split it into two movies, but it was just great. Lucius was my favorite part, by far. He was so much fun to watch, and oh, I can not wait for the last installment. It's going to fucking rock. And Harry's looking pretty good with the stubble, though he never needs to take his shirt off again. Ever.

Community—WHY DOES NO ONE WATCH THIS SHOW? Kat—do you know what they did in the last episode? Do you? No, of course not. Well, there were two plots. One where there was a huge conspiracy theory that ended in a (only Karen and Emma going to understand this) 'Paper Clip'-esque show down. The other was where they were building a MASSIVE pillow and blanket fort. It was its own city by the end of the episode. How does that not sound so frickin' awesome? And the cast is just amazing. It's my happy place, that show. It really is. —AND it airs in both England and Australia. So there. NO EXCUSES!

Whose Line—You know, I'm just going to have to write a Wayne/Jonathan fic, I really am. They are so friggin' cute together. But Wayne breaks my heart every time he congratulates people for being married for lengths of time on LMaD. His earnestness makes me feel like he's still hurting over his divorce...not that I don't know he wasn't the one to initiate it, but I'm going to err on his side for the hell of it. :P But back to slash land...they're just so cute. And oh...you know, I don't even remember what it was, but I was watching it this morning, and Wayne said something that just made me NEED to do something about that pairing. I'd hook them up in my NaNo story, but there's enough going on there. :P That story is a monter, I swear. A lovely, fun as hell monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Psych—do I even want to get into this? :P The fandom frustrates me, and I need to just get the hell out and stay out, but I'm really happy with the show right now. It's picking up after sucking hard core for so long. Let's just cross our fingers and hope it stays this way. The upcoming season looks promising, at least.

White Collar—I have nothing to say about this except to squee about the fact that we get more soon. ^__^ Oh! And Kat, I didn't realize this on the first watch, but in Prisoner's Dilemma, which Lyndsey and I were watching the other day, it's mentioned that Peter and Elizabeth have a safe word. ^_^ Kinky.
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( Mar. 10th, 2010 02:09 pm)
Mostly for Lyndsey, though anyone feel free to take. All links are yousendit files, so they expire in a week.

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

What Lies Beneath by Breaking Benjamin

Lyndsey, you totally need to download that second one. It's a fucking anthem for Heartbreak Hotel: Prelude. (lyrics) I can't pinpoint who, exactly, is singing or who would be sung to, though the most fitting is Josh to John, but honestly, it just seems to encompass the story line so well, and it's so easy to visualize a music video with it. And Had Enough makes me think of HH:P, too. In fact, I should just give you all the Breaking Benjamin songs I got from Karen. ^_^

In other news, I met James Roday this past Sunday. ^_^ That's Shawn from Psych for those who don't know. *points to icon* And I met Michael Weston, too, who was also on Psych, but most people know him from House and other shows I don't watch. I have autographs, and I'd go into more detail, but I'm waiting for Kat to upload her pictures before making a proper post.

Oh a similar note, I want to give a public thank you to Kat for always taking pictures. ^_^ God knows I'd never do it on my own, and it's very cool that she's always thinking of those things and taking care of me that way. I just don't do cameras for some reason, and anyone who's ever seen me even try to take a picture knows that I have the skills of a thumbless monkey with one in my hands. So thank you so much! Now just upload them.... ^_~ And did you get a shot of the theatre, too?
Shawn/Gus/Lassie threesome fic! It's about time!

I don't normally read fic in that fandom, but hello? Threesome. And then I started to read, and the author just pulled off the absolute best dynamic between the three, and her dialogue is spot on. You need to read it just for her Shawn-isms.
Shawn/Gus/Lassie threesome fic! It's about time!

I don't normally read fic in that fandom, but hello? Threesome. And then I started to read, and the author just pulled off the absolute best dynamic between the three, and her dialogue is spot on. You need to read it just for her Shawn-isms.


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