Just a post so I can have a record of these in my own journal. Like usual, story links lead to member-locked comm entries.

Title: Myth, Fiction and Philosophy
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings:Jeff/Chip, Colin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jeff really hates androids, but Colin's new model might just make him change his mind...
Word Count: ~4,000
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Sungreen! ^_^ Happy Halloween! Have some porn!

Myth, Fiction and Philosophy

Title: On the Subject of Optimism
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings:Jeff/unnamed male (Chip), unrequited Jonathan/Jeff
Rating: R
Summary: Jonathan and Jeff had been nearly inseparable as children. When they reached adulthood, however, they began to grow further and further apart, but Jonathan has a plan to stop it.
Word Count: ~3,800
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Greenforgreen and the second story in my little AI universe. I think that Jonathan is well, kind of vastly out of character here. ^_^ But I tried to tie in known things about him to root him to his original persona. I don't know how successful that was, but I had too much fun with him to be horribly concerned over it.

On the Subject of Optimism

Title: The Central Property of Humans
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings: Ryan/Colin, OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Acclaimed physicist Colin Mochrie attends an awards dinner in his name, but awards are the farthest thing from his mind.
Word Count: ~4,400
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Draconica_Nova! The third and last story (for now) in my little AI universe. :) Colin fought me tooth an nail on this one, trying to lead it in one direction where I wanted to go a completely different way. In the end, he won, but I'm pleased with the results.

The Central Property of Humans
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