I posted about these for my happy yesterday, but I have to reiterate for those not on that comm: THESE COOKIES ARE THE SHIT. You know....in the good way. ^_^ They're like the best pancakes you've ever had in your life...like if a pancake was born to a cookie and cake and it was their love child. They're SO good. Do you know how good they are? My cat begged for one. And not the dumb one that eats potato chips; this is the full on carnivorous one that does this thing where she reaches up and taps your knee if you're eating steak or tuna to show that she wants some, and she did that today for one of these cookies. I showed it to her, to show her that no, she didn't want it, and she snatched it out of my hand and devoured it.

God damn, they're good cookies.

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