Yesterday was many awesomes rolled into one. ^_^ First I hung out with Sun, and I got to meet Emmett and Jack, and Emmett is just the cutest thing! And she gave me delicious creamer and then I had this awesome burger. *drools a little at the memory*

The rest of the day, like Friday, was spent at the Star Trek convention.

On Friday I saw Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois, who were super adorable together. And both of their characters were so completely serious on the show, so it was just a blast watching them laugh and joke together. And Rene looks like he would be a great grandpa. ^_^ He was so cute answer this question from a little girl, and he did talk about his kids and grandkids a little. AND he was apparently Louie the French chef in The Little Mermaid, and when asked about it, he broke into a full rendition of his song from that movie. It was just the best. ^_^

Yesterday, I saw Michael Dorn and Nichelle Nichols, and I got Nichelle's autograph. Michael Dorn was funny as hell. ^_^ He talked about making out with Terry Farrell and the differences between working on the two shows, and he was just fun. He's got a good sense of humor, and he definitely liked getting a laugh out of the crowd. ^_^

Nichelle, however, was definitely the best part of the weekend. I thought she was awesome without really knowing anything about the actress, but after hearing her speak, I'm just so in love with this woman. I didn't know how much she did to further the civil rights movement, both in general and specifically with NASA. She told the most interesting stories, too. About her first acting jobs, about how she met Gene and how she got the job on Star Trek. And she just sounds like someone you'd totally want to hang out with. ^_^ She also talked about her work with NASA, helping them to recruit more than just white males into the program, but her best story was about how she was going to leave the show after the first season, and Martin Luther King Jr. of all people is the one that talked her out of it. And just listening to what he had to say to her not to mention her own views on us as one peopleā€”it was wonderful and powerful, and I was actually a little teary at the end of the MLK story. She is just an AWESOME lady; she's passionate and sweet and sassy, and just a wonderful person, and I'm so happy I got to see her. It was great. :)

The broadcast of the people I saw is actually available (for a price, of course) at, if anyone's interested, but I don't know how that works.
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( May. 18th, 2009 12:39 pm)
Eh. There's no point to this post. I'm just whining. My picture for this upcoming Wednesday's hump day smut post looks like monkey doo doo. I keep going back and forth on trying to fix it or coming up with something completely new. I should go for the latter. It's usually the right way to go for me, but I love my idea and half of the execution. There are just flaws that make me pout. I really need to force myself to give up on it and move on.

Saw Star Trek for the third time last night! I really want a tiny Chris Pine!Kirk I can put in a jar and carry around with me, and then I can pull him out and listen to him be a smarmy bastard whenever I'm feeling down. Everyone else is going on about Spock and McCoy and Scotty, but Kirk really makes that movie for me. Especially near the end there, with the "You got it" or whatever he said. *loves him to so many tiny pieces*
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( May. 16th, 2009 09:14 pm)
So I finally saw Twilight yesterday. Watched the movie; really don't care enough to read the books.

The plot itself isn't bad, but oh God, that is the most awkward, stilted, co-dependent, borderline abusive and generally unhealthy relationship I've ever seen portrayed. Are there people out there who really think this is okay? Plus what was with the artsy thing the movie was trying to pull off? And really? Clinging to trees like Spiderman? Who thought that would look good??

In other not real life news, Star Trek rocks so hard. Been a fan since I was 6, and I daresay nothing in the series has pleased me so much since Cause & Effect.

And, uh, Lost. Yeah. So curious and fearful and somehow still hopeful about the outcome of all this. spoilers I suppose )


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