More and more lately, in both real life and fiction, it's becoming apparent that I have no idea how a man thinks. (Okay yes, I do, I just understand it. :P) I've been talking to my brothers about things lately, just trying to figure out how to make male characters react in similar situations, and what I've found are actually pretty stereotypical responses. It was just interesting coming from actual men.

I have two brothers. One is single, and one has a long time girlfriend.

I was talking to the single one, asking him if there was any instance ever where he would talk about his feelings with someone. He stood there for a while, then laughed and said that he was trying to figure out what feelings were, so I think that's a pretty clear indication right there. After a little while, we ended up deciding that "self doubt" was a good example of an emotion that women talk about often. According to my brother, that's not something he would talk about with anyone. He said, when asked what he DID talk to men about, "tv and video games."

So I talked to the one with the girlfriend. He said he talked about tv, video games and sports with his friends. When I brought up the self doubt thing, however, he immediately said that that was something he would talk to his girlfriend about.

So from what I've garnered, men don't talk about their feelings with each other, but they will talk to a woman about them if the woman is...I guess trusted enough? (I'm not sure how this correlates to gay men—does anyone know?) They don't talk about their personal lives really at all with each other, and it seems to be more of a mindset of it's not important rather than a concerted effort to not talk about it. Like, it doesn't even occur to them to do so.

I find it very frustrating, how much men will internalize. It's difficult to figure out exactly how far a conversation between two men will go. And is it different if they're drunk at the time? Further research is needed, I think.

[edit] My sister just came in, and I'm talking to her about her boyfriend. She reiterated that her boyfriend does talk about his feelings with her, and the boyfriend's friend will talk about his feelings with him once he's gotten a few drinks in him. She said that, from what she's garnered, the boyfriend has heart to hearts with men who he's very, very close to or when there's alcohol involved. It's not an every day occurrence, however, and seems rare at best, though it does happen. And that seems about right. The boyfriend and his friends do seem a little more sensitive in general than my brothers. So it does also depend on the guy.

Later she talked to him about this and he said "Yes, men talk about their feelings. If they tell you they don't, they're either lying or they have no friends."
Been meaning to do this for a while. It's a Whose Line US episode guide organized by taping for vidding/research purposes. It includes key/slashy/generally memorable moments, but there's a lot that I'm missing (like 200 pound snatch, etc.) so any help in filling in the pieces would be appreciated.

Note: My guide is by production number, which can be found in the end credits of each episode. But for easier access, Katri compiled a lovely list of how episode numbers correspond with production numbers:

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Also, this was inspired by my research:

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Thu, November 2, 2006
Props to Proops
Whose Line comic still does standup gigs


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This is part of some larger research, but that's something I most likely won't end up posting for a while. However, the misrepresentation of Ryan/Greg Helping Hands seriously, seriously bothers me, so I figured I'd post this just to set the record straight:

Greg playing Ryan’s hands: (UK episodes: 3.15, 4.02, 4.05, 4.09, 4.12, 5.01, 5.02, 5.05, 6.02, 6.04, 7.02, 7.05, 8.14) The only times Ryan doesn’t give Greg the backwards hug are 4.09 (with Colin) and 4.12 (with Brad).

Greg interacting with Ryan/someone else playing the hands: (UK episodes: 4.07, 4.08, 5.04, 5.06) Interestingly enough, Ryan doesn’t give the backwards hug during any of these games. Three of these games are with Colin and once with Archie.

And because people are probably curious about this, the HH games from the UK where Colin plays Ryan's hands:
Episodes: 3.12, 3.17, 4.07 (no hug), 5.04 (no hug), 5.06 (no hug), 5.08, 6.03, 6.09, 6.10, 7.03, 7.04. Huh. So the only times Ryan doesn't give Colin the hug is when Greg's around. Interesting. It doesn't quite work the same way in reverse because Colin was in 8.14. Then again, that's 3 years after those three last played the game together, so a lot could have changed.

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Umm... okay. I finished this, incase anyone wants to take a look. Like, I said, there's really not a Hell of a lot. And it's actually not finished-finished. I didn't bother looking at a handful of episodes because it didn't seem like they even spoke to each other in those episodes, so I'm probably missing stuff. But yeah, there's actually more slashiness than I thought. However, there's a clip from that music video thing at the end of the "Best of" episode with Greg riding Ryan. Where in the Hell is that from? As far as I can tell, it's from the same taping as 229 (the cat) & 210, but I just can't find it. Huh. I'll keep looking, I guess. Anyway, here's what I have:

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Greg/Ryan Episodes – a list of interactions. This is only the UK stuff because it's already 7 pages long. I have both slashy things as well as random cinematic moments for use in things like icon making or music videos. A few other observations as well. This is not a full list of games they play together. If there are group games they play together, but there’s no significant interaction, it’s left out.

Don't feel like looking through 7 pages of notes? This game of Superheroes is pretty much the reason I became a Greg/Ryan fan. I've posted it before, but it fits in with the theme of this post. This is the slashiest game ever played between these two. Anyway, on to the research...

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Okay. *cracks knuckles* Last entry spawned many, many conversations. And I've decided it's time to figure out why the Hell I don't like Greg and Brad as a couple. So I'm doing research. Yes. Yes I am far, far, FAR too obsessed with this fandom. I have no illusions.

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I'm looking for dates, so I'm scouting around Colin interviews and I thought I'd share some of the more interesting things I'm finding.

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