Yesterday's episode was so great. ^_^ They did a couple little improv scenes. They were being so adorable, as usual, making each other crack up in the second one. Shipping them so hard right now. :)

TPiR seems to be going back and forth on Jeff and Brad episodes. Brad perked up after the first episode, though, oddly, he was booed? yesterday. I still like Jeff better as an announcer, but that might be my own bias. Brad's announcer voice makes me want to claw my own ears off a little.

Drew's interview on Craig Ferguson was great. ^_^ Thanks for posting that, Julie. I don't care how much of as asshole sentiment it was, I thought the "I got the jist of it" was fucking hilarious. Probably because I'm the same way.

Still majorly loving Community. I heart that show so hard. I think it caters to a pretty specific market, though. It does seem to border on bad taste quite a bit...maybe not even border. ^_^ But let's face it, I'm not too into sentimental bullshit, and Community is about a bunch of assholes. But lovable ones. Unlike Two and a Half men, which is completely unlovable assholes. I still don't understand how that show is still on the air. I really never need to spend extended periods of time with any hardcore fans of Two and a Half men. I feel like we'd kill each other halfway through any conversation we tried to have. (Okay, so apparently not, but I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE APPEAL TO ME!!) But yeah, I love Dan Harmon. He always showed himself to be an open minded if more than a little perverted with his Channel 101 shows, and that continues to shine through in Community. It's really the one show that I find myself anxiously awaiting every week. That and Chopped. God, I love Chopped.

Let's make this more substantial. I'm finally feeling better. Woo! And the migraine is gone. Life is good. I had dollar store fun today, and there will likely be power washing fun come Friday, birthday and game trading fun on Saturday and then Fright Fest for Sunday. ^__^ Good times. But does this mean we're not getting Japanese on Friday? :< Dilemma. Well, not really, but still dilemma.
So after [ profile] shewolfsami said that she had, in fact, gotten Jeff for the past two days, I decided to check this out. I went over to, looked up the show and found videos. The first two were the exact same shows I've been seeing for the past two days, but the third is listed as "price is right B," also from 10/5. And listening to just the first couple of minutes, oh, that's definitely Jeff. (Who, in my opinion, does NOT have the right kind of voice for this. He constantly sounds just a little bit sarcastic.)

[edit] Decided to watch one of the episodes online rather than the one on tv today (I checked, no Jeff for us again) and I do find something else interesting. I was noticing over the past couple of days how Drew seems more tame than when he first took over the show, but in this episode with Jeff, he's definitely got an attitude again. I wonder if there's a connection there.

Yes, he's definitely far more playful with Jeff around. In the 10/4 B episode, he broke every item in the Grand Game and then stuck a piece of cardboard to his forehead. I shit you not.

So there's two different shows? Does this mean that we're not getting the ones with Jeff on the east coast at all? I mean, we can watch it online yeah, but why aren't we getting it on tv? :(

Wayne and Jon continue to be adorable, though. And the chick on that show is pretty damn sassy, herself. I like her. ^_^
Hee. I really love this show. ^_^

Wayne is adorable. You can really tell he's having fun, and he has Jonathan Mangum as his sidekick!

We all know Jon, right? Was Drew's boss in the last couple of seasons of DCS, was on Green Screen and was Wayne's friend before Whose Line not to mention the guy he's been touring with for years? No? Not really?

They are so adorable together. Wayne's whole demeanor changes when he's talking to Jonathan. They give each other these little smiles, and he's joking with Jon and teasing him. I've shipped these two for ages. They were like this in Wayne's live show, too, and they're just so much fun to watch.

As for Price is Right, Jeff is supposed to be on today? Well, he was supposed to be on yesterday, but it didn't look like/sound like him to me, and I think I'd recognize Jeff. Anyway, I'll edit this post when it comes on.

[edit] NOPE! Still not Jeff. JD Roberto.
clayangel: (wayne)
( Oct. 4th, 2010 09:21 pm)
Decided to call out sick today and continue to rest. My cold is mostly gone, but I'm still lethargic and congested and sore throaty from time to time.

Anyway, I stayed home and watched the Price is Right for the first time in forevers. Yeah, getting used to skinny Drew is going to take some time. He kept making expressions, and I was all "okay, that's Drew's expression, but whose face is it on!?" I'll get used to it eventually.

And speaking of Drew, apparently he was Community last Thursday? Haven't gotten to see it yet. I loves Community. :) It caters to my weird sense of humor. My brother and I have been catching up on the last season on DVD. I watched the end of it on TV last spring, but I never saw the beginning. But yeah, I'm a Dan Harmon fan from his Channel 101 stuff, which, if you haven't seen it, definitely...pushed the envelope, to put it lightly. But yeah. So there's that.

And apparently Wayne is hosting Let's Make Deal which airs before Price is Right? Caught the end of it today. Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow...if I remember.

But speaking of Price is Right, both Jeff and Brad are trying out for the announcer part. Now, I can't see this impeding Jeff's touring but so much, but Brad and Colin tour all the frickin' time, yeah? Does this mean that they're planning on stopping touring soon?

Anyhoo, I spent the rest of the day cleaning my closet! Well, some of it. I ended up throwing out every single VHS tape I owned! I filled up an entire trash bag full of them. And I'm talking one of those big, 30 gallon ones. Some of them I have on DVD, some I don't know why I owned in the first place, and the rest I threw up on my amazon wishlist so I remember that I want them back eventually.

I keep a large box of my old sketchbooks and notebooks in the closet, and I moved these to the (better) box that the VHS tapes had been in. Of course I had to look through them, and it's always fun to run across the older stuff I've done. ^___^ Including things that I still need to type and post! :P

And lastly, I found the two copies of Jane White is Sick and Twisted I own. I obviously don't need two copies. Does anyone want my second? Been called. Sorry!


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