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( Mar. 10th, 2010 02:09 pm)
Mostly for Lyndsey, though anyone feel free to take. All links are yousendit files, so they expire in a week.

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

What Lies Beneath by Breaking Benjamin

Lyndsey, you totally need to download that second one. It's a fucking anthem for Heartbreak Hotel: Prelude. (lyrics) I can't pinpoint who, exactly, is singing or who would be sung to, though the most fitting is Josh to John, but honestly, it just seems to encompass the story line so well, and it's so easy to visualize a music video with it. And Had Enough makes me think of HH:P, too. In fact, I should just give you all the Breaking Benjamin songs I got from Karen. ^_^

In other news, I met James Roday this past Sunday. ^_^ That's Shawn from Psych for those who don't know. *points to icon* And I met Michael Weston, too, who was also on Psych, but most people know him from House and other shows I don't watch. I have autographs, and I'd go into more detail, but I'm waiting for Kat to upload her pictures before making a proper post.

Oh a similar note, I want to give a public thank you to Kat for always taking pictures. ^_^ God knows I'd never do it on my own, and it's very cool that she's always thinking of those things and taking care of me that way. I just don't do cameras for some reason, and anyone who's ever seen me even try to take a picture knows that I have the skills of a thumbless monkey with one in my hands. So thank you so much! Now just upload them.... ^_~ And did you get a shot of the theatre, too?
I was clued into this about a month ago, and I've been getting more and more into it since, and now I'm wondering if anyone else does it so I can bookmark them and see what music people are listening to and bookmarking and whatnot.

Here's my profile if anyone wants to see me. ^_^

If you don't know, Pandora is a music website where you can build "radio stations" around your tastes in music. It's really user friendly and explains things along the way.


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