First of all, still absolutely happy with what went down. I think it was the perfect ending, and this is why:

spoilers! )
Or...not the finale so much, but the stupidity of people as a whole. Why do SO MANY PEOPLE not get what's going on at the end? It is literally explained to you. *shakes head*

But I liked it. I think it ended just the way it should have, both with the events on the island and otherwise. Good times. I will totally miss it.
clayangel: (monkey!)
( May. 16th, 2009 09:14 pm)
So I finally saw Twilight yesterday. Watched the movie; really don't care enough to read the books.

The plot itself isn't bad, but oh God, that is the most awkward, stilted, co-dependent, borderline abusive and generally unhealthy relationship I've ever seen portrayed. Are there people out there who really think this is okay? Plus what was with the artsy thing the movie was trying to pull off? And really? Clinging to trees like Spiderman? Who thought that would look good??

In other not real life news, Star Trek rocks so hard. Been a fan since I was 6, and I daresay nothing in the series has pleased me so much since Cause & Effect.

And, uh, Lost. Yeah. So curious and fearful and somehow still hopeful about the outcome of all this. spoilers I suppose )


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