This isn't going to be like my normal reports, however, because for once I didn't take notes. :) Ashley did, however, so look to her ([ profile] anoel) for more detail and all the things I forgot or didn't take notice of. Like, she has all the looks and touches and quotes and whatnot down, but I mostly remember the gist of things.

Anyway, since this is my journal and my vacation, I'm going to talk about stuff we did aside from the show. Oh, and it might be long, so let me put it under a cut...

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[edit] Hours and hours later I notice that I have a gazillion typos in this. Forgive me. I was so tired when I typed it. :P I'll fix any I see, though.
But I just got home after driving for 12 1/2 hours through severe traffic and torrential downpours, so you get NOTHING. No, I kid. :) But all I have for you for the moment is some shitty little pictures (and I do mean shitty):

piznictures )

We probably should have thought to take pictures before they started walking away. :P

Peace to my bunny homies,
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( May. 12th, 2008 08:37 pm)
Not the report. Not yet. That will come when I have audio and/or visual aids. For now, a slight recap.

So we still didn't talk to the guys, though they may or may not have been expecting us to find them since the theater's manager told us where they were staying (long story), but there was a second show the second night. So after we saw the first one, we found out about the second one, and Indy gave me sad eyes and begged, so we saw two shows the second night. ^_^

Chip wasn't there the second night. He was apparently sick. So they got Galen Emmanuele from the Upfront Theatre to replace him. Unfortunately he sucked. At least in comparison to the others. He did a lot of long pauses and stuttering, and the guys were very patient with him, but he just wasn't on their level. I was sad that Chip wasn't there being that I seem to be one out of maybe 4 people that actually like him, but it did bring about some interesting changes, the most interesting of which being what happened during Greatest Hits. I'm lazy, so I'm going to go copy and paste out of a comment I left Des.

Chip being out meant Jeff would have been singing alone for Greatest Hits, so instead, they had Greg singing with him for the first show, and Ryan singing with him for the second. ^__^ Indy got Ryan & Jeff's last song on video.

And both Ryan and Greg were really, really good, actually. We may have a video of Greg and Jeff rolling around on the floor together...but all the songs should be on audio tape at least. Greg's first song with Jeff is the one of his that impressed me the most. I think they were doing Cab Calloway. Their second two were familiar styles, which is probably why I didn't care as much about them. (County and Depeche Mode) Greg more or less just filled in Chip's role in these rather than making them his own, and while his voice was good, it was nothing new. can't remember the song styles, just that he and Jeff were hillarious singing together. Watching them was more like a battle than a duet, and it was just fantastic. And Ryan sang gorgeously, of course.

Jeff pleased me that night because he actually didn't do Keanu Reeves for Jeopardy at all. He did Christopher Walkin and Keith Richards. And Galen sucked at that game, of course, though his second character did make us laugh, which was a really perky pedophilic teacher. :)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that both Kat and Indy got on stage? ^__^ Indy got to move Greg in Moving People and Kat did Jeff's Sound Effects. Kat was especially adorable since she kept cracking up every time Jeff gave her a WTF look.

I think that's all I want to say for now. More detailed report to come.
Which is what this drunk chick yelled in Scott's ear.

Anyway, saw KitH last light. It was fantastic, of course. ^_^ It was all new material, but they brought back a lot of classic characters like the chicken lady, that little annoying boy that I can never remember his name, Buddy Cole, Scott's rendition of a drunk Canadian hick, Kathy and Cathy, and, of course, the head crusher. I'd talk about the things they did, but this is sketch comedy, not improv, so I'm sure you can find that stuff anywhere.

I will mention the slash things, though, which are never scripted. ^_^ Except there was this one they did where Kevin and Dave were fighting over Dave's imaginary girlfriend, and they were all up in each other's faces screaming "Fuck you!" Very hot. Kevin was adorable the whole time. There was one scene where he messed up his line...I think it was the same as the fuck you think, acutally. But yeah, so he messed up his line and Dave mocked him, and they both started laughing, so Kevin tried it again, and fucked it up again. So now they're laughing and we're laughing, and after a moment everyone calms down, and he tries it a third time, and gets it right, and we all clap. It was fun. ^_^

And then, in a later scene, Kevin couldn't keep a straight face. He was sitting next to Dave, basically laughing into his hand, and all the guys on stage stop and smile at him, then Dave leans over and wraps him in a big hug. I squeed a little. ^_^

And so afterwards they took pictures and signed autographs in the lobby. Karen took pictures. You can find them here. The highlights of that were Mark being surprised that I knew what SCTV was (he brought it up...not really sure why), and this happening with Dave. He was handing me back my program that he'd just signed and said "Do you watch the new series?" And I blink at him and go "What?" or possibly something less intelligent. He motions to my shirt, which has a picture of the tardis and "You never forget your first doctor" on it. And he says "The new series of Doctor Who." And I'm all *blink, blink* "You like Doctor Who?" So yeah. ^_^ Now I like Dave even more for being a Doctor Who fan.
A Night of Improv, April 13, 2007 & April 14, 2007

I want to let you guys know that my notes these days consist 90% of the slashy things that happened rather than descriptions of the games. Not that you’ll mind, I’m sure. ^_^

But before I even begin, I wanted to point out a realization I had over the course of the two shows. It’s becoming really obvious to me that Chip is an irreplaceable part of this group. Maybe he’s not as skilled as the rest, maybe he’s not as funny or as smart, but without him the show wouldn’t be nearly as fun. I don’t think it’s something you really see on Whose Line, but he has this energy, this absolute joy that radiates from him when he’s on stage that’s infectious. You can see it affects the other guys, and it definitely affects the audience as well. It’s hard to understand unless you see him, and it’s not like he does anything in particular, but the show just wouldn’t be as fun without him. So I’m appreciating him much more now than I was before these shows. Plus, he’s totally a Ryan/Greg shipper. ^_~

Also since Indy got around to posting before me, look to her entry for a more detailed description of the before and after show stuff.

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A Night of Improv
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
Sacramento, California

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( Apr. 22nd, 2006 02:25 am)
Okay, it's nearly 2:30 in the morning, and I'm just getting back from a Colin & Brad show, so I feel the need to make the requisite post before I don't care enough to do so anymore.

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I will TRY to type up a report for this show (as well as the past three) but I'm really lazy, so we'll see. But I WILL post my favorite part of tonight's escapades.

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Before the report, I'd like to share with you the autographs I got. Instead of them writing impersonal messages, I got Chip, Colin, and Brad to draw pictures of themselves for me. Check them out. ^_^


Improv Allstars
June 4, 2005
Eugene Oregon

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