Apparently I never posted this here? I did on my DA, and on facebook, so some of you have seen this, but for those who haven't, I've been making hay bale art on Farmville. The first is an original character I put on Lyndsey's farm for her birthday, I think. :) The second is an inside joke between us that I did last night for funsies. ^_^

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Happy birthday, baby! This is for Lyndsey, who wanted a story about our demons. :) If anyone else is curious enough to read it, for an explanation of what a chibble is, see the illustration about halfway through the story.

Title: Ensemble
Author: Clay
Characters: Damien, Josué, Justin, Mr. Peaches and Gwen!
Rating: PG
Summary: A snapshot in the lives of three demons. Having lost their families in one way or another, they’ve found one another and formed a little family of their own.
Word Count: just shy of 3,500

The bell over the door jingled as it closed after the last patron of the day... )
These are two original characters from the Heartbreak Hotel universe (as opposed to the One Day universe, which is where all the human type original characters I draw are from), Damien (the black one) and Justin (the blue and orange one), a couple of demons.

They amuse me because Justin is the younger, physically smaller one, but he's the dominant one in the relationship, and I wanted to draw something illustrating that. So....DEMON SEX! :D I'll be posting a story about them in a few days, too...if anyone's interested. :> Um...yeah, so...not safe for work, the anatomy on my wings is so wrong (I'll get it right next time) and I don't think Damien's position translated well, but overall I'm rather pleased with it.

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Also, these are the ones that I got PD to draw a picture of for me a while back. :> Which, if you haven't seen it, is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and honestly a better translation of these guys than even I can draw. ^_^ Also likely NSFW.

Oh, and since I apparently never posted it here, I also did a picture of Lunabell (the fairy from before) and Etienne (another demon) in human form on a date. Here.
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( Feb. 7th, 2011 11:18 pm)
I drew a fairy. Her name is Lunabell. I guess it's rated PG. Kind of work safe? There's skin, but nothing naughty. Well, there is a lot of skin...

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