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( Oct. 10th, 2009 12:04 pm)
Busy weekend! ^_^

Yesterday I worked Island Offical's and Storm City's booths at the VGXPO. Oh my God, it was tiring. Fun, but tiring. It's like doing artist's alley on overdrive. We're there promoting our game that's due out in November, Hands On! Tangrams as well as our other upcoming projects. Hands On! Pattern Blocks is the one I'm really excited about (hopefully be out mid next year) because I'm doing all the background work on that one, so when it comes out, you know you've got to buy it and be all "Yeah, I totally know the lead background artist on this game." ^_~

And we worked Storm City (our publisher) promoting their fall lineup, which includes this awesome game called System Flaw (yeah, the box is dumb as shit, but the game's fun) that's a DSi exclusive, as it uses the camera. The basic concept is that there are these little aliens all around all the time, but you need a special viewer to see them, so using the DSi's camera, your actual environment shows up on the screne along with little badguys that you need to shoot. It's really fun and active and everyone doing the demo seemed to love it. Tangrams seems to be doing really well, too.

Today I have library and wl_f stuff to do. I'm excited about the Trick or Treat bags. Even though there was a lot of prep and a couple snags, I really like the idea, and I really like the reception it's gotten so far.

I'm back at the expo tomorrow to keep pimping our stuff. ^_^ It's pretty cool to get to go in early and be all "I'm an exhibitor." Hey, if anyone's around Philly and wants to come to the Video Game Expo, you should drop by! Nog from DS9 is doing a Q&A session tomorrow at 1. Well, the actor that played Nog...but I keep forgetting his name. :P And, you know, check out our games. Which rock.
Please preorder it? If you like fun or want to support me in my future (and you know you do ^_^) then check out the game!

Hands On Tangrams

If you don't know, this game is the first published game from the game developer I work for.
Okay, it's not a real commercial, just something Tyler did in the office the other day, but it's still getting me all tingly in the loin region, even though I had nothing to do with making this game. My name's still in the credits, though. ^_^

Also, is it just me or is it torture to have to wait until September first for the third season of The Guild? I watched the trailer for it today. Ooh, it looks good. ^_^

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