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( Nov. 25th, 2010 03:01 pm)
Dude, have we all seen this? All...three of us that watch this show? This is going to be frickin' awesome!!

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( Nov. 22nd, 2010 06:15 pm)
Harry Potter—*shakes fist at Indy* Damn you for giving me all those good recs and completely distracting me. :P I have got to stop reading and finish my damn NaNo story!! But it has also given me the urge, once the new year starts, to finally finish the last Harry Potter story I was writing before I left the fandom in early 2005. It wasn't anything special—just another post-Hogwarts H/D story, which was always my favorite, but it would be nice to get it out there. It's been finished, actually, for 6 years. It's just not typed up. And what is typed has the most abysmal grammar you'll ever see. :P It was thoroughly rejected the one time I tried to submit it to an archive. But hopefully I'll finally just get it up and out of my system.

Oh, and dude. The movie, of course. I fucking LOVED it. It stayed so surprisingly faithful to canon, which, in retrospect, is probably why they split it into two movies, but it was just great. Lucius was my favorite part, by far. He was so much fun to watch, and oh, I can not wait for the last installment. It's going to fucking rock. And Harry's looking pretty good with the stubble, though he never needs to take his shirt off again. Ever.

Community—WHY DOES NO ONE WATCH THIS SHOW? Kat—do you know what they did in the last episode? Do you? No, of course not. Well, there were two plots. One where there was a huge conspiracy theory that ended in a (only Karen and Emma going to understand this) 'Paper Clip'-esque show down. The other was where they were building a MASSIVE pillow and blanket fort. It was its own city by the end of the episode. How does that not sound so frickin' awesome? And the cast is just amazing. It's my happy place, that show. It really is. —AND it airs in both England and Australia. So there. NO EXCUSES!

Whose Line—You know, I'm just going to have to write a Wayne/Jonathan fic, I really am. They are so friggin' cute together. But Wayne breaks my heart every time he congratulates people for being married for lengths of time on LMaD. His earnestness makes me feel like he's still hurting over his divorce...not that I don't know he wasn't the one to initiate it, but I'm going to err on his side for the hell of it. :P But back to slash land...they're just so cute. And know, I don't even remember what it was, but I was watching it this morning, and Wayne said something that just made me NEED to do something about that pairing. I'd hook them up in my NaNo story, but there's enough going on there. :P That story is a monter, I swear. A lovely, fun as hell monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Psych—do I even want to get into this? :P The fandom frustrates me, and I need to just get the hell out and stay out, but I'm really happy with the show right now. It's picking up after sucking hard core for so long. Let's just cross our fingers and hope it stays this way. The upcoming season looks promising, at least.

White Collar—I have nothing to say about this except to squee about the fact that we get more soon. ^__^ Oh! And Kat, I didn't realize this on the first watch, but in Prisoner's Dilemma, which Lyndsey and I were watching the other day, it's mentioned that Peter and Elizabeth have a safe word. ^_^ Kinky.
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( Oct. 30th, 2010 11:34 am)
Oh my God. This week's episode rivaled Modern Warfare in epic awesomeness. The zombies, the love confession, and Troy running around with no shirt for most of the episode...oh, so many zombies. That was so brilliant. I love this show so much.
Yesterday's episode was so great. ^_^ They did a couple little improv scenes. They were being so adorable, as usual, making each other crack up in the second one. Shipping them so hard right now. :)

TPiR seems to be going back and forth on Jeff and Brad episodes. Brad perked up after the first episode, though, oddly, he was booed? yesterday. I still like Jeff better as an announcer, but that might be my own bias. Brad's announcer voice makes me want to claw my own ears off a little.

Drew's interview on Craig Ferguson was great. ^_^ Thanks for posting that, Julie. I don't care how much of as asshole sentiment it was, I thought the "I got the jist of it" was fucking hilarious. Probably because I'm the same way.

Still majorly loving Community. I heart that show so hard. I think it caters to a pretty specific market, though. It does seem to border on bad taste quite a bit...maybe not even border. ^_^ But let's face it, I'm not too into sentimental bullshit, and Community is about a bunch of assholes. But lovable ones. Unlike Two and a Half men, which is completely unlovable assholes. I still don't understand how that show is still on the air. I really never need to spend extended periods of time with any hardcore fans of Two and a Half men. I feel like we'd kill each other halfway through any conversation we tried to have. (Okay, so apparently not, but I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE APPEAL TO ME!!) But yeah, I love Dan Harmon. He always showed himself to be an open minded if more than a little perverted with his Channel 101 shows, and that continues to shine through in Community. It's really the one show that I find myself anxiously awaiting every week. That and Chopped. God, I love Chopped.

Let's make this more substantial. I'm finally feeling better. Woo! And the migraine is gone. Life is good. I had dollar store fun today, and there will likely be power washing fun come Friday, birthday and game trading fun on Saturday and then Fright Fest for Sunday. ^__^ Good times. But does this mean we're not getting Japanese on Friday? :< Dilemma. Well, not really, but still dilemma.


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