Tickets for the Count Basie Whose Live Anyway show are finally up. Who's in?

Details are:

The Count Basie Theatre
Redbank, New Jersey
Friday, May 13, 2011, 8:00 PM
Tickets are $49.50. Tickets don't go on sale until tomorrow, but I pretended to purchase tickets for three separate events in an attempt to check on what kind of extra charges there are, and there's a whopping $9.50 PER TICKET on top of this price, so the tickets will be $59.00 a piece.

I'm thinking I want to buy tickets by Monday, if that's cool with everyone? So get back to me by then. I don't necessarily need your money by Monday, but I'm only buying tickets for people who are definitely coming and who will definitely pay me for the ticket, preferably within the next couple of weeks.

Right now it's: Me, Sun, Kat, Lyndsey, Karen, Adrian and Jessica

These are for me:
Event page:
Seating chart:
Buying tickets for the May 14th, 2011 Delaware Whose Live show tomorrow. I'm buying for me, Lyndsey, Kat and Sun. Any other takers?

And Kat and Sun—still waiting on money from you guys. :)
We are in row N. Which is not TOO bad. The website actually has this cute little thing where you can click on an eyeball around where your seat is, and it shows you what you would see sitting there.

This is the address to go to to see that, but I don't know if it'll work. You probably have to create and account and all. But it's cute. If you do get to see it, those little stretched out Os are eyeballs; just click on one to see what it would look like. There's one about row M.

Actually, now that I'm looking at it, the $40 seats in the dress circle to the extreme left and rights are pretty good seats, too. You'd just be seeing everything from the side. But they're damn close. It's the same for the $37 seats in the parquet circle. Hrm. Something to keep in mind if we ever come here again. Or if anyone else wants to come and wants decent seats. ^_^ Almost none of those dress circle seats are taken as of right now. The floor is gone except for a seat here or there, but the rest of the place seems pretty open.
The NJ one (the one most everyone is going to) has been done. I'm putting off the other one because of the debacle with TD Bank right now, where they're unable to update my account, so I actually have no idea how much money I have, and since it's not showing today's paycheck as being there, I don't even know if doing another order will go through. So that one I'll do as soon as humanly possibly.

As for the NJ order, it's done, but we have such crappy seats. It's partly due to the fact that there's 7 of us and partly due to the fact that my God these tickets are selling fast (7 months in advance, we're buying these!), but we're in the Orchestra, row Z, which is probably worse than being on the balcony, but we'll see. We're also behind the production box thingy, so I'm hoping that doesn't obscure the view. I attempted to get seats NOT behind the thing, but every subsequent try just put us behind it and even further from the stage. So no... But it's done at least.

Could not find a picture of the theatre online, so I actually called and asked about the production booth, and the girl who answered said that it was actually more of a pit that went into the ground, and that it shouldn't affect our view at all. So whew for that at least. :) Even if the seats are still really far back. :P
clayangel: (Default)
( Sep. 21st, 2009 07:46 am)
I was thinking of buying tickets for the May shows very soon. Like within the next week soon. I was looking at the site, and I was thinking, actually, of not only going to the Morristown show, but to the Wilmington one as well being that the latter is probably a far shorter drive for me. I'd forego the Morristown one completely except that it would be nice to see them in my own state, and that that one's closer for everyone else because they're not cool like me and live in South Jersey.

So does anyone want to make a point of sitting together? The shows are:

Friday, May 07, 2010, 8:00 PM
Mayo Center for the Performing Arts, Morristown NJ
$57 + $5 online ticketing fee = $62
Going: Me, Kat, Sungreen, Lyndsey, Karen, Adrian, Indy

Sunday, May 09, 2010, 7:00 PM
The Grand Opera House - Wilmington, DL
$44 + $2 online ticketing fee = $46
Going: Me, Kat, Indy

I really would like to do this soon because of the two shows, the best seats for one are in row J and the other are balcony seats, and the longer we wait, the worse the seat selection is going to get. So would anyone like to come with me? I'm not buying tickets for anyone who can't give me the money upfront. I'm sorry, I just don't have the cash on me to front people. I'd like to buy them by the end of this week.

And Kat? It's an hour and 50 minutes to get to Morristown for me, but it's an hour and 25 minutes for you, so that doesn't seem like enough of a difference for me to come to your house and then to go there unless I'm hanging out at your house already. Which I doubt because (hopefully fuck that. I'm making her come.) Lyndsey would be coming up that day, and I (again, hopefully) would have to bring Karen. (Did you talk to her this morning? She wants to go, right?) I suppose we'll figure out arrangements closer to the time.
clayangel: (the boys)
( Jun. 14th, 2009 02:47 pm)
Jessica just let me know that the Whose Live Anyway? tour is going to be in New Jersey next year! :D So just a reminder to myself and a shout out to anyone who might want to join me:

May 07, 2010 - Mayo Center for the Performing Arts - Morristown N.J.

It's a year away, but the theatre already has the performance listed on their site, so it seems like a pretty solid deal. God, it would be nice to see these guys in my home state again. It's fun seeing them, but you're always getting local jokes and whatnot, and it'd be nice to feel included in that.


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