First, I like to draw Kat things for her birthday. :) This year I did the cover for a travel journal that I then had made at Cafe Press. The picture is an inside joke. See, Kat and I vacation together for the most part, and every time we're on a plane together, she turns to me and does the "There's something on the wing" bit. ^_^ So I had to do that. I'll include the art and the end product as well.


teaser or just an excuse for me to put giant eyeballs on your f-list? )

In other news, I started watching a children's program that teaches sign language. I really like it, and I've been meaning to learn sign language for some time, so this will be great to give me at least a cursory knowledge. It really is a work out signing constantly for a half hour, though.

Oh, and I wanted to thank the people who have responded to my last entry so far and to anyone else who might answer. I wanted to respond to the individual comments, but I'm afraid my response will make it obvious whether I picked someone or not, so I figure this is the safest way to go.

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