Penelope is an original character, born around 1785 in Chartres, France, who, through a series of circumstances, ends up falling in love with and marrying a demon. Uh...this guy. He's nicer than he looks. ^_^

Anyway, I've tried to draw her in the past in a more realistic style (well, in as realistic as my style generally is) but always had trouble. Then I thought about her and realized she has Disney Princess eyes in my head, so I tried drawing her like that.

And I actually liked the way she came out! )

So now that I had a working model, so to speak, she demanded that I draw her doing something in particular. She's relatively modest in general, and her idea of kinky is taking her husband's hands and putting them over her naked breasts while making eager face at him. He thinks she's the most adorable thing ever.

No nipples, but I'm going to call this one NSFW )

I showed this to Lyndsey, which got us talking about Penny's best friend, a demon named Victoria, who I'd never drawn, so I took a stab at it!

Her face is a little weird, but I like it anyway. ^_^ )

Yeah. I haven't drawn much or posted much creative stuff lately, so I wanted to do a little of that. ^_^

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